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A leading retailer of water filter systems in Australia since 2013

Welcome to the home page of Pure Water Sydney, a leading supplier of water distillers Australia wide. Our aim is to make it easy for people to source high quality systems and consumables at affordable prices and without the delays that come with ordering from overseas.

Clean drinking water, cooking and bathing water is becoming an increasingly important issue for health conscious singles and families who are aware of the dangers of certain additives and pollutants. We’re proud to offer an extensive selection of high quality products from world-leading brands of water filters, including products to suit specific needs and water usage demands. Whether you’re looking for a simple and compact counter top unit, an undersink system or even a portable system for your caravan or boat, you’re sure to find a product that suits your needs. Each water distiller, water filter or reverse osmosis system has a distinct set of technical features and benefits, so if you’re particularly concerned about fluoride or other trace metals and particulates in the water.

Whether you’re new to the world of water filters or have been filtering your drinking water for years, you’ll love our selection of filtration methods, from reverse osmosis through to water distillation removing 100% of fluoride to natural ceramic filters and special fluoride filters. Our products aren’t just practical and effective either, they’re also good looking – after all, you shouldn’t’ have to sacrifice the look of your interior just to have fresh clear water. From the elegant earthenware to undersink systems with cool stainless steel taps, there’s something to suit every style.

You can start exploring our range via the shop menu above. Ordering is simple and secure, and we offer free shopping on orders over $100. For more information on a particular product please contact our friendly team.



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