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About Us

About Us

The idea of Pure Water Sydney started in late 2013 when we were trying to find high quality water purification system for our home. We knew it was unhealthy and in many cases even dangerous to keep drinking tap water full of chemicals on regular basis, especially if you have young children.

After weeks and weeks of searching the Internet for products we wanted we would only get more and more confused ......

We though, there must be a better way and PureWaterSydney was born.

We wanted to create a store where people could come and shop with a confidence, knowing that all our products are handpicked high quality items with excellent value for money. 

We also wanted people to feel good when using them on daily basis, knowing they have made the right choice to purchase them. We believe that if you are going to purify your water, you may as well go for the best because what’s the point otherwise.

Our aim is to become the largest supplier of high quality water purification products on Australian market with great customer service and great products that you will love to use and be happy to tell about to all your friends and people you care about.

And without you and your genuine and honest feedback this could never possible. We are eager to know what we are already doing well and what we could improve even more to make this journey as meaningful as possible.

Please let us know your thoughts and ideas on the CONTACT US page. We are looking forward to hear from you. Have a good day and thank you for being our customer.



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