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Undersink systems

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Undersink Water Filters

Want all the benefits of a high-end filtration system, without losing counter space? Then undersink water filters are for you. These models are designed to be plumbed in right below the sink, connecting with your regular tap.

There’s no extra bulk around the tap – you just get pure, clear water flowing through automatically. Unlike some commercially available filters, they require very little maintenance; just a regular filter replacement at intervals to ensure optimum performance.

Undersink water filters aren’t just for the style or space conscious either. They’re also great for those looking for more comprehensive filtration and more efficient flow. For example, the 4 stage reverse osmosis undersink system comes with four separate cartridges, each of which targets a different requirement. There are two filters, a membrane and a post filter, which mean you get great tasting water that’s also free of contaminants. The stainless steel twin undersink purifier comes with a great looking matching tap.

Not sure which system would work best for you? Take a look at the individual product pages to see which systems fit your available cabinet space. We ship undersink water filters Australia wide. If you need help selecting an appropriate system, contact the Pure Water Sydney team.



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