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Fluoride removal

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Fluoride water filter

Many informed and health-conscious people are concerned about the presence of fluoride in drinking water. It was originally introduced as an additive decades ago to help combat problems such as tooth decay, as it was seen to be helpful in small doses, although it is technically a toxic substance in high concentrations. Recent research has linked fluoride with a number of different health problems and symptoms; from bone weakening and gastrointestinal effects to serious hormonal effects (such as thyroid problems) and even cancer, scientists have looked deep into the link between populations with fluoridated water and incidences of disease.

The good news is, there is plenty you can do about it. A modern fluoride water filter reverse osmosis system or water distillerwill remove a significant proportion of fluoride from drinking water – practically 100% (although percentages vary from model to model). The difference between regular fluoridated tap water and filtered water is immediately noticeable – when you have a system installed, you can try the taste test for yourself.

The range below has been hand-picked by our team as the best systems for removing fluoride (see products with the aqua Removes Fluoride sticker for extra-special designs). Take a look at the technical specifications to find one that meets your needs. For more information or help with choosing a fluoride water filter, you can contact our team via our contact us page.



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