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Still buying bottled water?


Are you one of the many Australians who have finally switched to bottled water in the hope of escaping the long term effects that come with almost 50 different chemicals that can be legally added to the tap water during its treatment process?

If so, no longer will you have to bear the strange taste of highly-chlorinated tap water that often doesn’t even look clear. And you may now not even be exposed to the recycled sewage water in our drinking water supplies.

Well, good for you! Or maybe not...

Did you know that:

  • ...most bottled water is only filtered tap water anyway?
  • ...the almost 25,000 different chemicals contained in plastic bottles produce a reaction (e.g. when left exposed in the sun) to contaminate liquids inside them?

So, though you might THINK you are getting a great deal by switching to bottled water, you're probably worse off! Why?

  • Because 98% of the time, you're still getting filtered tap water - straight from the bottle! You're just paying more - MUCH MORE - for it!
  • Your health is put at even greater risk from chemicals called maleates and fumarates (hormonally active chemicals), contained in the materials that make up the bottles themselves. As a result, small children, women of child-bearing age, and pregnant women are at greater risk of poor outcomes when exposed to these chemicals. Effects can include stunted growth, early puberty, premature birth, infertility and early menopause – just to name a few
  • You also end up paying a LOT more for bottled water than you would for ordinary tap water - up to 2000 x more, depending on how much and what brand you buy
  • Each bottle you buy means more plastic to recycle, and greater environmental pollution!

So what’s the solution?

So, if tap water is not good, and bottled water is not the solution, then what's a better alternative for Australians around the country? The obvious answer is a high quality water purifier. By installing it in your home or office or anywhere else, you can produce almost unlimited amounts of healthy, safe, and even Ph-balanced (alkaline) water that’s known to be even better for your health.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try one of our systems that best suit your needs and start saving TODAY.

You will never look back:)



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